Breanna Jennings

Front Desk/Support Staff

Bre is a New Mexico native living in La Luz with her husband, kiddos and a whole bunch of animals! Getting out of the house to work at the salon seemed like a no-brainer for preserving her sanity and girlhood, as she is the only female in a house full of boys.


She already knew most of the team at the salon, but she has loved building those friendships and learning new ways to serve. She is very calm in stressful situations and is very easy to talk to, which is a wonderful plus as our front desk staff.


She says that she loves to make people happy with her baked goods and incredible cooking skills. And the team can definitely confirm that she accomplishes her goal regularly!

In addition to her position here at the salon, she and her husband are the youth directors of her local church as well as visual arts director. She also owns "Sweet Bre's", where she makes custom cakes and a variety of delectable sweets. Trust us, you want to taste what she makes.