Brittany Grace

Salon Coordinator

  Being born into an air force family, Brittany moved to New Mexico as a child and her parents decided to retire here. After graduation she moved away for college but eventually she returned to Alamogordo. She says that she got "Entrapped, as we New Mexican's like to say".


  Brittany joined the blush Beauty Bar team at the start of the 2020 new year and jokes...

"I didn't choose the salon life, the salon life chose me".


  Though it may not have been something she had always seen herself doing, when presented with the opportunity to step into the coordinating of the salon, she found her niche. She said that she really enjoys the uplifting and encouraging environment that the blush team of women and the salon environment offers.

  In her leisure time, Brittany can be found watching films, reading a good book, or playing with her three miniature "not frou-frou" poodles.


She has a deep love of nature and the beauty that is often missed, like the "intricacy of a piece of lace, the way the sun's rays break through a bank of clouds, the brilliance revealed in a precious stone-something dug out of the depths of the earth. We live in an amazing world!"​​