Hollie Markham

Salon Marketing/Photography

When wheels need greased, Hollie is the ultimate greaser.  As salon marketing coordinator, she brings a passion for organization and service to the finer details of the salon's website, social media outlets, and various service opportunities. 

From scheduling a smooth and worry-free visit, to completing the tasks that keep the salon functioning in the most productive stress-free fashion, she functions as the liaison to make the most of client visits.


As a native New Mexico resident, she understands the needs of the community and those that continue to return to the spa for beauty and care.

Hollie says "I've always loved serving others and what better way than doing so in an artistic and salon marketing capacity."


For several years, her own beauty needs have been served by Maggie and she makes a point of really connecting with guests and teammates alike.  She is the backbone that gets the salon name and outstanding reputation out to the public.

Something you might not know about Hollie, she is a musician and artist. She enjoys anything from painting, to jewelry creation, to sewing and crafts in general. Her favorite drink is the Arnold Palmer, though she admits she has never been able to pronounce it properly. If you ask really nice, she might just say it for you to get a good laugh.

Our hours:

Tues  10-5

Wed  10-5

Thur  10-6:00

Fri     10-6:00

Sat    9:30-5

Closed Sunday and Monday


**Not all services are available during open hours. Individual artists have freedom to determine the times they are available for services and which services they are willing to offer, according to their specialties and respective target markets.

**Additionally, holidays, classes, team meetings and other occasions will alter open hours from time to time. We always recommend appointments be scheduled in advance to ensure your preferred day and time.