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What's your true North?

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

Britt Seva asked us this question repeatedly in an intense 2020 planning workshop and it was a common theme throughout the BOMB-est conference I had the privilege of attending mid-January. I don’t take it lightly that each of us has a divine purpose, and we are meant to live it fully. The start of a new year can bring a fresh opportunity to evaluate whether we are meandering toward an eventuality, or we have a target in mind that’s connected to our deepest values in health, spirituality and relationship. So, what’s your True North? That’s not a rhetorical question, friend. Even if you don’t want to answer to me, I completely expect you to answer to yourself. Take the time to pray, to connect with a trusted friend, to reflect, to journal, to do whatever gets you to the core of who you are and what you want to be about. This is your invitation and permission not to fake it, not to say “I’m good, everything’s good!”, but to own where you are today and believe that your course can be altered. Dig deep and search yourself for what your values are. Your values are not the same as your interests, although they can often coalesce on the same lists. Values are what you hold high on your moral, spiritual and interpersonal priority list and it is up to you to stop and determine -- out loud and in writing -- what those highest-importance items are! If you’re not the one to determine your own values and your very next step in life, you are inviting others to move you around on the game board of this life. I don’t want that for you. Please, don’t allow it for yourself, my friend. That weekend changed my life, but I knew my worth before I got there. And I know the good stuff doesn’t stay there. The magic happens when I allow myself to dream, and then create a plan, and then intentionally execute daily in the direction of my True North. Let this be a friendly kick in the pants to get you thinking, planning and doing to make your life all it was meant to be. Sister, we're in this together. Go and get it!

Your friend,


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