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A proud native New Mexico girl, Sara's fun and friendly personality speaks volumes, just like the colorful tattooed canvas she rocks.


When people ask her why she chose this work, Sara will always say, “I became a stylist because I was born a girl!”

Working with hair is an artistic expression for her, and making people look and feel pretty makes it so worth her time. Her playful personality draws in the younger set and she can big-sister chat all day while cutting, coloring and styling! She loves taking on a challenge and one way she proves it is by whipping up some of the most sought-after blondes around town! If you've met any of her raving fans, you already know how they adore her.

In her downtime, Sara is hanging with her boyfriend, two kids and fuzzy sons named Gusgus and Baker. "I love my cats and can't do life without them!" And their most recent addition is the most adorable corgi pup, Porkchop! She says she collects weird things, loves plants, cherries, pumpkins and outer space. And she's way okay with being all over the place with that. Health and well-being are vital to her too, and she loves throwing down some nutritious tasty meals for the family -- and sometimes she shares with the team!


For Sara, there is nothing like knowing she helped someone feel better about themselves. She's honest to the core (guests appreciate that from a stylist, right?), relentlessly cares about others, and does her own thing while encouraging others to do theirs. We love her around here simply because she is an authentic human and a genuine friend. She's been a truly special part of the growing story at 306 Tenth Street, and we don't know what we'd do without her!

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