Beauty Bar

Located in the beautiful MainStreet District @

306 E 10th Street

Alamogordo, NM


We feel the most important things we do revolve around

serving those who make well-being of the whole self a priority.

   Practically speaking, that means a focus on hair & skin health, plus a customized plan to help you reach your beauty goals. But go a bit deeper, and an added sensation of belonging and community should meet you at the front door, and follow you throughout your visit.


Relaxation mixed with all the good feels of hanging with your bestie over coffee are what you can expect to find in our space as you work with your artist to transform into your best and truest self.

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blush Beauty Bar

306 E 10th Street

Alamogordo, NM


Cancellation Policy:

If you must cancel your appointment please, try to do so at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. You may be charged a late cancellation fee, dependent on circumstances.**

No Show Policy:

If you are 15+ minutes late to your scheduled appointment, with no call indicating that you will be late, you are considered a no-show, and we will no longer be able to fulfill your appointment.**


**Each guest is given one pass to these policies, but failure to adhere to them could result in a $25 fee, due before you are permitted to book another appointment, or $35 per hour scheduled of a service totaling more than 90 minutes to be paid in order to reschedule. We completely understand that sometimes emergencies happen, so ultimately, your artist's discretion will determine which booking restrictions may apply in the future.

Our hours:

Tues  10-5

Wed  10-5

Thur  10-6:00

Fri     10-6:00

Sat    9:30-5

Closed Sunday and Monday


**Not all services are available during open hours. Individual artists have freedom to determine the times they are available for services and which services they are willing to offer, according to their specialties and respective target markets.

**Additionally, holidays, classes, team meetings and other occasions will alter open hours from time to time. We always recommend appointments be scheduled in advance to ensure your preferred day and time.