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Get the length of your dreams!

Are you ready for a
big change?

If you're dealing with fine, thin or limp hair, or if you simply desire the glam look of length and fullness to enhance your style, extensions may be
right for you! We are happy to share that we have hand-tied and volume weft - certified artists taking new guests for this luxury service. Volume weft extensions are a method that require no glue, tape, or heat to apply. With minimal points of contact, this will put less pressure on your scalp and hair follicle, which means little to no damage when cared for properly.

These extensions can add length, fullness or color to your everyday look that is less invasive and longer lasting than other hair extension alternatives. Your extensions will be custom colored, cut, and styled keeping your look seamless, and the wefts are virtually undetectable giving you the luxurious locks you have always dreamed of.  

A thorough consultation and deposit are required in order to book your installation. Pricing varies and is dependent on several factors that will be discussed through the consultation with your artist.  

One service does not fit all, so here's a general breakdown of what you can expect to pay for hair and your first installation:


For fine - medium texture hair + medium length goals -- $600 and up

For fine - medium texture hair + long length goals -- $830 and up

For thick/course hair + medium length goals -- $1015 and up

For thick/course hair + long length goals -- $1250 and up


Factors in pricing variations include length and volume of hair needed, existing length of hair and specialty color effects. All color, texture and additional services are priced separately according to our artists' service menu. For maintenance appointments, you'll return every 6-9 weeks and pay $190 to $300 for a move up. Hair can be reinstalled up to three times, lasting you around 6 months before replacement when when you take the best care!


Sound good so far? Fill out the form at the bottom of this page, and we'll be in touch to set up a consultation and get you started with the hair you've been dreaming about!


Extensions FAQ

How do I wash my hair with extensions?

The same as usual, almost...there are a few pointers your artist will share about shampooing, but not much will change in how you wash!

Can I still heat style my hair?

Absolutely! We do encourage as much air drying as possible to prevent tangling and save time, but the flat iron and curling iron are not off limits!

Will extensions cause damage or make my hair fall out?

The beaded-row method has proven to be the most damage-free method we've used and we are finding guests grow their hair out longer and fuller after months of wearing extensions when starting from healthy hair and scalp. 

How long does my own hair need to be to wear extensions? 

Answer: It's best to work with hair that is at least 4 inches long and extends beyond the occipital bone (in back of the head) so that we can ensure blending. Your artist will make suggestions for realistic length goals as you start hair selection options.

Do extensions help with thinning hair, bald spots or extreme breakage? 

There are times and situations where extensions of any kind are not necessarily recommended -- extreme hormonal or medication-induced hair loss, such as after pregnancy (within 6 months) or for treatments known to cause hair loss, we do not promote the application of extensions, as it does not impact the growth of natural hair at the scalp.

Can extensions be colored?

We aspire to color match in the extension selection phase according to your current shade, but sometimes, minor tweaks need to be made for the sake of blending. Toning and root shadowing are the most common adjustments, but vivid direct dyes and darker dimension (done in the salon) are an option also! Extensions should never be lightened with bleach or altered with permanent hair color however, so let us expertly customize any adjustments needed or desired. 

How to Get Started

Click here to fill out our pre-consultation form to get your extensions journey rolling!


Extension Sourcing Info

Blush Co. will purchase the extensions after color and length selections have been made, and deposit is paid by the client. We do not apply extensions that are not a method we utilize or hair extensions that come from another manufacturer than that which we order from. On very limited occasions, we may make an exception. However, in such cases we cannot guarantee the work done with outside-sourced extensions including application and any color alterations.

Current Extensions Guests

Click below for our extensions care sheet 

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