Maggie Nowell

Senior Stylist/Owner

Maggie says that she loves being a stylist because the art of shaping and coloring hair is such a great creative outlet. She has always felt like an artist at heart her whole life, but until playing around with her own hair (and that of a few brave friends), she never knew something tactile could come so naturally to her. Once she was trained in the fundamentals, she ran with the craft.


She says that,  "Blessing women with gorgeous hair that’s just for them totally blesses me in turn. A living canvas is the best kind!"


As a salon owner and stylist, she feels that it’s really important that she makes valuable connections with the women around her and she wants every guest encounter with our company to be exceptional. 

She has a calming nature and says she likes to think she doesn't get too worked up about anything, although she admits her husband and closest friends may tell you differently! Maggie loves to laugh, and believes that every visit should be fun and positive. That’s what it means to relax, right?


Maggie loves learning, experimenting with new ideas, and growing her team’s reputation for excellence! That’s one reason she is a definite book nerd (She will have consumed at least 20 business and personal development books by the end of 2019!), loves podcasts and pores over every resource she can find and make time for when it comes to growing in wisdom and skills both in and out of the industry. Maggie has also been busy, along with our team, starting up a local group of creatives -- called Spark Collective -- to set the stage for new relationships to form, collaborations and sharing business wisdom in our special space, with the hopes of elevating the industry in our area and empowering entrepreneurs with confidence to dream big and grow! Community over competition all the way!!


A few other things Maggie loves...sweets and coffee! (chocolate, pastries and cookies, not so much candy), and she says that writing satisfies her soul.

Our hours:

Tues  10-5

Wed  10-5

Thur  10-6:30

Fri     10-6:30

Sat    9:30-5

Closed Sunday and Monday


**Not all services are available during open hours. Individual artists have freedom to determine the times they are available for services and which services they are willing to offer, according to their specialties and respective target markets.

**Additionally, holidays, classes, team meetings and other occasions will alter open hours from time to time. We always recommend appointments be scheduled to ensure your preferred day and time.