Stylist/Color Specialist

Ellen joined the blush team in September of 2020, and after months out of the salon because of business closures and a delay in her move to the area, she hit the ground running since she had built up tons of interest through her online presence -- well thought out ahead of time!

Ellen specializes in curls, rocks out incredible vivid color transformations and curates a killer balayage. She knows there is no one-size-fits-all for hair and loves taking the time to customize each and every plan for her salon guests. She happens to also be a Master Artisan Educator for Alfaparf Milano, so she definitely knows what she’s talking about!

If you spend 5 minutes with her, you’ll probably discover she’s a huge animal lover and has a whole pack of dogs, cats and reptiles at home to back that up! She’s finding a lot to love about New Mexico and likes getting out on adventures with her husband and the dogs, but also enjoys the time she gets to hang at home, playing video games or getting into a true crime or paranormal mystery podcast.

A salon experience with Ellen means you’re going to get an intensive consultation where you are heard and understood. The integrity of your hair is most essential, and she’ll talk through all the potential solutions to get you the dream hair that’s right for you. Plus, you’ll have some good laughs and get to relax along the way!

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**Not all services are available during open hours. Individual artists have freedom to determine the times they are available for services and which services they are willing to offer, according to their specialties and respective target markets.

**Additionally, holidays, classes, team meetings and other occasions will alter open hours from time to time. We always recommend appointments be scheduled in advance to ensure your preferred day and time.