Janette is an artist at heart and became a hairstylist because she loves expressing her creativity through hair. It helps that it makes her happy to make others happy with the way they look leaving her chair. She loves going outside the box and playing with trends in color and shape.


When she can turn an attitude of “I can’t wear my hair like that” into “I can wear my hair the way I want because it makes me feel awesome”, she feel she’s done her job. 


Janette is a family girl, cherishing time with her husband, kids and doggies. Drawn to artistic expression through music and dance, sometimes drawing (even designing her own tattoos!), she also looks for ways to be compassionate with everyone she comes in touch with. She said she is kind even though she can be awkwardly shy.

The team gets so much from her because she loves to laugh and enjoy the experience of our salon and the community. Always willing to jump in and help, learn a new trick, and see great possibilities in every situation, guests will love her humble & happy disposition.


What else makes Janette, Janette? She loves light roast coffee, pretty much hooked up to it all day long! And she has two sweet dogs, secretly loving the girl pup just a little bit more. But shhh...don't tell.

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