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Community Center 

Thank you for visiting our community page! Whether it be in times of celebration, need, or tragedy, the Alamogordo and surrounding areas have shown time and time again the importance of community togetherness. We're so proud to be a part of it in every way we can...our favorite being through our annual events! We're really just thrilled to have the whole community hanging out with us and mingling, but we also dedicate each event to a community cause. Check out our events page to learn more!

The unfortunate truth is that many of our community members need a helping hand in the least obvious times. Thankfully, there are organizations taking action! Keep reading to learn about these organizations and how you can get involved. 

Relief for the Ruidoso South Fork & Salt Fire Victims


We are still taking donations for evacuees, we will distribute them locally to locations such as Mountain View Church where many evacuees are still housed. There have been an overwhelming amount of donations coming in from all over the state for evacuees and hundreds of volunteers sorting, organizing, and getting them out to where they need to be. We couldn't be more proud of our community! Because of the overwhelming amount of physical donations, especially clothes, monetary donations are still encouraged! Please note that we will also distribute your pet items such as kennels, leashes/collars, blankets, and food to organizations such as Naturally Balanced Farm that have been housing evacuee animals. 

Here's a few ways you can donate monetarily: 

Community Power New Mexico

Mission Statement 

"Community Power New Mexico is a 501c3 Not-For-Profit organization which exists to help address the unmet material needs of the people of greater New Mexico.  We strongly believe in the power of community, and will work to build solidarity among all working class people while distributing labor & resources to those in need.  It is our core conviction that if we have the ability to help, we are responsible for taking action. "


Community Power NM is responsible for a multitude of projects in the community alongside the work they do for individuals every day. The volunteers of CPNM are the helping hand when there is a time for need. Read a news article about CPNM volunteers removing a fallen tree here. This is just one small example of what this organization is capable of! They also contributed and maintain a public tool library located at the Puerto Rico Ave Community Garden (run in part by another organization we'll talk about next!) 

Interested in volunteering for this organization? Click here!

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