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Grow with us.

Your Journey to a Career and Life You Love Starts Here

Our vision is to grow into the top-performing salon in the area while opening the door for every team member to earn an income they're proud of. Work should be built around your life, not the other way around -- we know we can elevate the industry while cultivating a beautiful lifestyle for all!


Yeah, we talk a big game -- and it's all because we are big dreamers! But we put those dreams into an actionable plan. A blush babe dreams of a big life and a personal version of wealthy that maybe doesn't look like everyone else's. We want to help you set up a growth path that is uniquely yours as you define success for yourself. Then you have a partner to help define the goals that will get you there and to keep you accountable in the week-to-week

action steps.


We are not a top-down company, but a network of team members with diverse skills and capabilities. We make it our priority to honor those giftings in each other and give everyone an opportunity to teach, lead or peer coach in a way that helps us to all grow. We know that confidence comes when you know you have put in the work, so it is an incredible thing to watch that confidence explode as passion blooms into excellence in your zone of expertise!


If you want to do work that makes a difference, you're in the right place! Bringing in a paycheck is essential, but changing your workplace, your community and even the industry for the that's something we can begin every day excited about! When you have vision, a network, and a growth path that highlights your strengths while motivating you to scale , impact is simply a beautiful byproduct. We are all about supporting others in business, getting involved in our surrounding downtown happenings and providing innovative events for our community. We show up differently, so the results are always pretty


Ready to take the leap?

If all this has you excited and you're serious about diving into a career that demands more to yield more, apply today and we can begin the conversation about all you are looking for in a position at blush Co. Please, take a moment to download our Team Culture Overview for just a bit more insight before moving forward.


Available positions include the following although not all are necessarily open at this time:

Beauty Artist (hairstylist, lash artist, esthetician,

makeup artist, nail technician)

Assistant Stylist


Guest Services Team

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